Big Easy Con is proud to partner with +1 Gaming to run our tabletop board game room throughout the weekend.

Events include:

  • A free board game library available throughout the weekend.
  •  Magic: the Gathering single elimination draft sign-ups throughout the weekend.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League tables.
  • Demos throughout the day.

Tabletop gaming can be found in the Rivergate Room.

All events are open to players of any level!

Schedule of Events

Saturday, June 1

11 AM: Coup​, ​Kingdomino
12 PM: Codenames​, King of Tokyo
1 PM: Pokemon TCG​ Sealed Tournament*
2 PM: Smash Bros. Melee​ Tournament
3 PM: Magic: the Gathering​ Sealed Tournament*
4 PM: Keyforge​ Learn-To-Play
5 PM: The Resistance​, ​Superfight
6 PM: Werewolf,​ ​Cards Against Humanity

Sunday, June 2

11 AM: “Big Table” ​Catan
12 PM: The Resistance
1 PM: Keyforge​ Tournament
2 PM: King of Tokyo
3 PM: Superfight
4 PM: Werewolf

*This event requires a $25 entry fee to participate.

All board game events are open to new players. Come learn to play!