Check out the exhibitors, artist, and makers coming to Big Easy Con! Keep checking back for more to be added to the list!


5-Hour Sample 1713
501st Legion, Bast Alpha Garrison 1714
Aerial Space Squad 1302
AIE Academy Of Interactive Ent. 1318
Anime Closet 1314
AP Collectibles 1232
APPerformance 1219
Athletes Without Borders 1918
Bad Wolf Bar 1405
Bazinga 1414
Bedrock City Comic Co 926
Big World 1532
Boxwood Board Designs 1016
BSI Comics 1218
Chocolate Moonshine Co 916
Click Heaters 1320
CoastCon 43 1508
Comic Spot (JMD Toy Store) 1413
CONtraflow 1607
Cory Smith Art 1416
CyPhaCon 1605
D’s Cards and Memorabilia 1315
DAGOBAH Base – Rebel Legion 1603
Dave & Adams 1425
Dice Bard Gaming LTD 932
Dolls Gone Wrong 1415
Enchanted Shire 1317
End Zone Collectibles 1319
Equilibrium USG 1225
Evoloot Marketplace 1518
Fandom Metalworks 1618
Geek’d Con 1404
Gem City Books 1419
Gemini Grey Creations 1913
Grreat Entertainment 1424
Hazy Dell Press 1014
Illuminidol Team 1331
In My Parents Basement 1514
Ink Alliance 1120
Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus 1724
Jason Oakes 1733
Jr Toys and Games 924
Krewe Du Who 1717
Leonor Collectibles 934
Literary Alterations 1614
Little Red Fox Cosplay 1233
Louisiana Ghostbusters 816
Louisiana Sassenachs 1234
Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (LA) 1401
Mazers The Board Game 1031
Mike’s Comics and Collectables 1624
Misty Mountain Gaming 1024 / 1513
MTC Toys 1716
Musetap Studios 1326
National WWII Museum 1915
New Orleans Brass Roller Derby/Crescent City Crushers Jr. Roller Derby 1501
New Orleans Public Library 1531
NoirFX & TheKillingDraik 1134
NOLA Gaymers 1503
NOLA Horror Film Fest 1406
NOLA Nerdlesque Festival 1402
Oni Press 1032
Orlando Adventures 1620
PaintJam 2013
Patronum Deliciosa 1018
Pop Soap 1533
RISE Haunted House 1504
Ruf Apparel 1515
RuffledRaven Arts 1715
Saleosaurus 1216
Scandy Co 1223
SKG Retrogaming 1324
Society of Sin Burlesque & Variety 1505
Source Point Press 1432
SonicBoomBox 1132
Southern Geek 1506
Sparkle Art Inc DBA Electric Cosmetics 1020
Starbase Atlanta 1113
StitchToons! 1434
Stylin Online 832
Stylin Online 1114
Superhero Jewelry 1324
Supernatural and Hermiones 1420
TeeTurtle 1632
The Legging Lass 918
The Week in Geek Radio Show 1407
Times Forgotten 1517
Toynk.com 920
Toystop 1332
Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop 923
Ultrasabers 1524
Unstable Unicorns 1226
USS NEW ORLEANS / The Federation 1306
Vacation Getaways 1634
Vision Group Holdings 1423
Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda 824
Wizyakuza 1626
Yojimbu 1017
Zen Emporium-FL 1224
Zocalo Connection 1725


3G Artist I-04
Abraham Lopez J-06
Adorkable By Design A-01
Alex Jennings J-08
Ambergris Productions I-06
Anchored Rose Soap Co A-02
Andrew Herman Illustration I-05
Anthony Figaro G-10
Anything Goes Comics H-05
Art by Kristina G-05
Art of Preston Asevedo H-10
Bennett Studios F-07
BlackBunArt H-04
Blaze Manga G-04
Celestial Dragon Design B-02
Chameleon Girls B-03
Chris Gianelloni H-06
Christopher C. Washington G-01
Creative Color Works B-07
Cryptic Crow Studios H-11
Daiyanna Art F-06
Dean Draws Heroes E-11
Dean Kuhta H-03
DK Yingst F-03
Dreams of Fancy B-06
Everette Hebert G-11
Felix Matos F-08
Fiendish Thingy Art H-02
George Michail G-09
Goofy Froot G-07
J.R. Mounts D-02
Jeremy Parker H-08
Jesse Elliott G-12
JiaLing Pan F-01
John Holland E-10
Kenneth Behringer A-03
Killian Tiwari E-09
KiwiPebo C-07
Kyle E Andersen D-04
Larkdraws E-08
Lee Stephen’s Epic Series J-07
MandaBerry B-09
Miss E’s Accessories C-01
O’Connor Creations, LLC E-02
Onrie Kompan Productions, LLC E-05
Paragon Unity E-03
phillstration E-01
PolyPaige C-10
Project Titans/Randy Santel D-03
Remix Comix D-11
Restless Geek B-10
Rob Broussard Art D-12
Robert Wilson G-06
Sarah’s Stitches C-04
Scott Rorie Art and Illustration D-08
Sew Happy B-01
Shane Moore (ARTIST) F-02
Shawn Dubin Art & Sundry Items I-03
Spot Colors C-03
Strike Hold Studio D-07
Super Sketch Me E-06
T-M-Art Specialties A-05
T. M. Showers E-07
The Art of Bobbylexx D-01
The Happiest Nerd B-05
The Sleepy Firefly C-08
Tiger Chaplain G-06
Titter Kritters C-02
Uniqueables Jewelry C-06
Valentine Barker E-09
Yamin & SidRebel B-08
ZombieLion Art/Lazy Nerd Designs D-05 D-06
Z.W. Mohr K-05


Adam Kubert K-12
Amy Chu I-02
Chris Uminga I-08
Chrissie Zullo I-07
Clay Mann K-08
Clint Hobart I-01
Creees Lee K-11
Dan Parent J-01
Dave Johnson K-01
David Finch K-09
Drew Rausch/Jocelyn Gajeway F-08
Gabe Soria F-05
Gavin Guidry G-05
Jeff Parker J-03
John Dell F-04
Ken Lowery H-07
Klaus Janson K-02
Kody Chamberlain J-11
Kyle Higgins K-06
Kyle Starks E-12
Mat Johnson H-01
Meredith Finch K-10
Mindy Lee K-03
Peter Tomasi K-07
Rob Guillory J-12
Roland Paris H-12
Sandy Jarrell J-02
Steve Lieber J-04
Tim Lattie G-08
Tim Sale K-04
Vernon Smith G-03