The panels for Big Easy Con 2019 are here!!! Everything from celebrities, to comics, to gaming, to cosplay, and more can be found here.

Keep in mind that panel content and times are subject to change, so check back often to make sure you’re up to date on all scheduling developments!

2:30pm Room 3 – Prosthetics 101 with NoirFX

Take your cosplay to the next level with NoirFX and learn through a live panel with industry professionals on how to make and apply custom prosthetics and more for your cosplays!

3pm Main Stage – Once Upon a Big Easy with Kristen Bauer

She’s been Maleficent in
Once Upon a Time, Pam in True Blood, and Killer Frost in Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. You’ve seen her in some of your favorite shows for years, now see her live on stage to answer your questions.

3pm Room 2 – Peering into NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope will be the world’s premier space science observatory when it launches in 2021. Webb will solve mysteries of our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it. The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, Webb will be the largest telescope ever launched to space, and will be over 100 times more powerful than Hubble. Panelists will provide an update on Webb, explain the telescope’s capabilities and promise, and answer questions from the audience.

3pm Room 4 – Family Con Safety

We talk about how to stay safe as a family at a convention. Including if we get separated, if there is an emergency.

3:30pm Room 3 – It’s Okay To Screw Up: Cosplay Tips and Tricks

Do you ever struggle when making a cosplay and either give up or keep trying and messing up? Well so do we, and so does EVERYBODY ELSE. Join us and learn from our successes and failures as we give you some tips on various topics like: sewing, prop building, makeup, adjusting cosplays to your comfort level, and more!

4pm Room 2 – Star Wars: The End of the Saga (and Beginning of New Ones)

So Long To The Skywalkers, Hello Mandalorian. This December, the Skywalker Saga comes to a close with Episode IX. Meanwhile, in November (right after the con), Disney+ debuts The Mandalorian. Also, December sees the new Rise of the Resistance attraction at Galaxy’s Edge, as the Galactic Starcruiser hotel commences construction. In a spirited conversation led by nerd journalist Aaron Sagers (, Syfy, Travel, Fandom), and other guests, we’ll explore theories, rumors, hopes, and fears about the conclusion of the latest chapter in the Star Wars universe — and the beginning of the next. 

4pm Room 4 – PK Dick, beyond the ABCs of Sci Fi

Come explore one of the most prolific Sci Fi writers of our time: Philip K Dick. You may have seen Blade Runner, you may even know it’s based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, or caught Amazon’s Man in the High Castle or possibly Electric Dreams. And that just scratches the surface.

4:30pm Main Stage – It’s Morphin’ Time with Walter Jones and Austin St John

The original Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger, and master of Hip Hop Kido, Walter Jones, and the original Red Ranger and leader of the Power Rangers, Austin St John are at the Big Easy Comic Con to answer all your questions about their years being teenagers with attitude!

4:30pm Room 3 – Pinball – The resurgence of vintage retro gaming!

An introduction and overview of the hobby of pinball, history, past, present and future. A retro gaming technology that is becoming super popular.

5pm Room 2 – DC Adventures in Middle Grade: Spotlight on Meg Cabot and Ridley Pearson

Join NY Times bestselling authors Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries) and Ridley Pearson (Kingdom Keepers) as they delve into their first DC projects: Black Canary: Ignite and Super Sons. Hear first-hand how these all-star authors put their unique spin on iconic DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and completely transformed them for middle grade readers!

5pm Room 4 – Fandom and Community Service

How Fan Group can help make an impact on their local community with little to no trouble. The USS NEW ORLEANS, A Chapter of the The Federation ™ will show you how their love for Star Trek manifested in to helping those in need in New Orleans and around the country.

5:30pm Room 3 – Cospros

Cosplaying is a great form of art and expression, but it can also be a way to make a living. Join our special Cosplay guests, Lua Stardust and Mikel Mosley as they give you the ins and outs of being professional cosplayers.

6pm Main Stage – Ming Chen: Comic Book Man

You’ve seen him on AMC’s Comic Book Men, and heard him on podcasts such as I Sell Comics! And Tell Em’ Steve-Dave. Now hear how this comic shop clerk became a nerd icon.

6pm Room 2 – Spacetime in Science Fiction: Artificial Gravity and Faster than Light Travel

Humans have not traveled beyond Earth’s own gravitational field, and if we want to fulfill the dreams of The Martian (except without the whole “being stranded” part) or even exploring other star systems, we are going to have to learn how to generate artificial gravity and travel faster than the speed of light. We’ll talk about the science behind gravity, why it’s important, and why we don’t have a rotating spaceship now, as well as what we mean by “the speed of light” and what is keeping us from attaining that ever-elusive warp drive.

6pm Room 4 – How To Keep People From Stealing Your Stuff

General information about intellectual property law and how to protect what you create.

6:30pm Room 3 – What Underwear Would Darth Vader Wear?: A Look Inside the Sparkly World of Nerdlesque

New Orleans’ premiere Nerdlesque troupe offers a look inside their magical and sparkly world, which combines elements of cosplay and live-action role playing with the art of the tease, better known as burlesque. In this panel, full-time professional performers who specialize in nerdlesque will offer their insights about how they constructed their most popular nerdy burlesque acts, what makes an excellent nerdlesque act, and how nerdlesque can be like live-action fan fiction for performers and audiences. We will also walk the audience through a sample brainstorming session, choosing costume elements, music, props, mood, and narrative for a nerdlesque piece based on a character from pop culture selected via audience suggestion.

7pm Booth 1724 / Hall J – Canonization Ceremony for Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew

All hail our sacred drunken wookiee! The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus will hold a ceremonial march in honor of the late Peter Mayhew who will be canonized into the Chewbacchus religion on Friday (All Saints Day). 

7pm Room 2 – Take Your Cosplay to the Next Level!

Got the basics down, but need to learn some great ways to really make your cosplay “pop”? Want to go that extra mile to really wow the cosplay contest judges? We will be discussing tips and tricks to add some zing to your costumes. Props, special effects makeup, and creative tricks will all be covered. Get ready to level up, cosplayer!

7pm Booth 1724 / Exhibit Hall – Canonization Ceremony for Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew

All hail our sacred drunken wookiee! The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus will hold a ceremonial march in honor of the late Peter Mayhew who will be canonized into the Chewbacchus religion on Friday (All Saints Day).

7pm Room 4 – Paranormal City: New Orleans

When it comes to most haunted cities, New Orleans ranks right at the top. Along with legends revolving around voodoo, monsters, maniacs and more, and the Big Easy could rightly be re-christened the Big Creepy. Join TV host and Paranormal journalist Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Syfy, TLC,;
Ghost Tour Guide, and New Orleans Vampire Lord Chaz; psychic medium/Guide/Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary; along with local paranormal researchers, authors and tour operators as they separate fact from folklore, and explore the unexplained haunts behind the history. Also show up if you have questions about theories, equipment or want to share your own experiences!

7:30pm Main Stage – Weird Al: The King of Parody

He’s the biggest name in nerd music, with a career spanning decades. We’re happy to have him at the Big Easy Comic Con, and you’ll be happy to come to this panel!

7:30 pm Room 3 – The DragPunks! Drag Show

The DragPunks! are ready to dock their makeup bags at Big Easy Con, and bring their unique brand of drag and cosplay to the stage. Don’t miss this show that is sure to entertain and has been known to make some people cry tears of happiness.

11am Room 2 – Black History and Contemporary Comics

Mat Johnson is novelist and comic-book writer noted for his bold explorations of racial identity and American politics in works such as Hellblazer: Papa Midnite (DC), Right State (Vertigo) and Incognegro (Dark Horse).   Join him in conversation with Professor Ben Saunders, Head of Comics Studies at the University of Oregon, for a discussion about the representation of black history in contemporary comics.

11am Room 4 – Making it So, a Fan Perspective at the Re-emergence of Star Trek

It’s a great time to be a Star Trek fan.  Come celebrate all things Trek as we boldly go to discover new series Picard along with Discovery and Lower Decks.

11:30am Room 3 – Cosplay Modeling and Safety: The Basics

An introduction to basic modeling and safety in a cosplay photography session

12pm Room 2 – DC Adventures in Middle Grade

Have you heard yet? DC has an exciting new lineup of original middle grade graphic novels that pair your favorite children’s authors and artists with DC’s most popular characters. Bring your kids to this fun discussion with Meg Cabot (Black Canary: Ignite), Ridley Pearson (Super Sons), Michael Northrop (Dear Justice League) and Kirk Scroggs (The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid) to get the inside scoop on DC’s new lineup of graphic novels. You don’t want to miss it!

12pm Room 4 – Owning a Nerd Business

What it is like owning a niche business in the nerd world.

12:30pm Main Stage – Surviving the Dead: 101 with Nadia Hilker and Dan Fogler

Fresh from killing walkers, Nadia Hilker (Magna), and Dan Fogler (Luke) are at the Big Easy Con to give you a crash course in staying alive, and to answer your questions.

12:30 Room 3 – MCU vs DCEU: A Super State of Affairs

While Marvel gears up for Phase Four, and extends its stories to Disney+ (with Wanda, Vision, Loki, MoonKnight, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, She Hulk, Falcon/Winter Soldier, and more), DC’s universe is off in another direction with Joker, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Matt Reeve’s Batman. Join nerd journalist Aaron Sagers (Syfy,, IGN) and other guests as we debate where the big hero machines are headed — and who is doing it better.

1pm Room 2 – Coffee & Comics: Big Easy Edition

It’s coffee break time! writer Amy Chu, (Poison Ivy/Red Sonja), artist Dan Parent (Archie Comics), writer/artist Jeff Parker (James Bond/Flash Gordon), Phil LaMarr (voice actor Lion King, Samurai Jack, Futurama), and Ming Chen of AMC’s Comic Book Men dish on the latest in comics and pop culture over their favorite caffeinated beverage. Bring your own (or tea if you like) and join us for a candid chat on what was hot (and not) this year.

1pm Room 4 – The Julian Files

The Julian Files is a poetic narrative about a military trained, rogue assassin from New Orleans that is looking to avenge his parent’s death. But what makes’ this full color graphic novel different from most similar plots is the book layout, illustration and sequence of story events. The book is written in free flowing poetic form, while maintaining a comic styled artistic flavor. This also includes a full soundtrack and separate Art Designed Portraits based on the characters. Come hear the creators discuss the making of this project.

1:30pm Room 3 – I Am Not My Anime Hair 

Panel discussing the portrayal of black women’s hair in anime. As a black women representation is key.  Therefore we will look at 8 black female anime characters to discuss if their hair is an accurate portrayal and representation.  Alternative hair style options for some of the characters will be discussed   

2pm Main Stage – Surviving the Dead: 102 With Cooper Andrews and Ryan Hurst

The right hand man of the Kingdom, Cooper Andrews (Jerry), and second in command of the Whisperers, Ryan Hurst (Beta), are giving a seminar in leading during the zombie apocalypse. Come get your questions answered.

2pm Room 2  – Wonder Woman in Bondage

Many fans are aware that there’s a lot of bondage imagery in early Wonder Woman comics.  But few people know the full story behind these images. Join Professor Ben Saunders for one of his most popular illustrated lectures ⎯ a carefully researched, historically educational but also highly entertaining exploration of the way early Wonder Woman comics reflected the unique psychological and sexual theories of Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston. 

2pm Room 4 – Plastic Crack: A Life Long Obsession 

Being a child of the 80s, I grew up with a deep love of comics, sci-fi, and toys. It was a way to escape. My passion has only grew since then (Yes, I did build on a room to my house for my figures). This panel will explore the depths of my collection (action figures, vinyl, oddities, etc.) and talk about ways to obtain vintage collectibles along with care, upkeep, and displaying. 

2:30pm Room 3 – Critter Talk: Let’s talk Critical Role

Critical Role is a show where a bunch of nerdy voice actors get together to play Dungeons and Dragons. This viral podcast/twitch series is taking over so lets talk fan theories, shipping, PC’s most likely to turn evil, and gush about the new animated series coming out in 2020!

3pm Room 2 – Astronomy 101 through Science Fiction

Welcome to Astronomy 101! Always wanted to learn astronomy? Science Fiction fan? Due to popular demand, Dr Erin Macdonald is reprising this talk for 2019 and will take us through the first semester of astronomy with hardly any math and a whole lot of science fiction references. We’ll blaze through the science of planets, the solar system, and stars at warp speed; come ready to learn!

3pm Room 4 – Con Crunch! – Cosplay the Fast Way 

Waited too long to start your cosplay, and the convention is next week? We’ve all been there! Join Little Red Fox Cosplay and learn a few handy dandy tips and tricks for getting that cosplay finished (enough) in time for it’s debut on the con floor!

3:30pm Main Stage – Boldly Go with Star Trek: The Next Generation

One of the greatest science fiction shows of all time may be over, but our memories aren’t. We have Brent Spiner (Data), Michael Dorn (Worf), and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) are here and ready to dish out the details of the show and its voyages. 

3:30 pm Room 3 – 1939: The Year of the Bat

The Batman emerged 80 years ago into a world where everything was changing. The world was on the eve of World War II; Timely Comics released Marvel Comics #1 (starring the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch); Hollywood was in the age of The Wizard of Oz, and Gone With The Wind. In a discussion led by journalist/TV host Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Syfy, CNN, Hollywood Reporter), we will take a weird look at the world that gave birth to Batman, and how the global events shaped the Caped Crusader.

4pm Room 2 – How to Shoot a Cosplayer – Advice for Photogs

Want to be that “in-demand” cosplay photographer, and stay booked making beautiful cosplay art? Let us tell you the tips, tricks, and secrets that make us want to be in front of your lens! From etiquette to editing, we will tell you what makes us book a photographer over and over again, and recommend them to our friends. Bring any questions you may have, and we will be glad to try to answer them!

4pm Room 4 – From Chew to Farmhand and Beyond: Spotlight on Rob Guillory

Cartoonist Rob Guillory is a Louisiana native, an Eisner winner, and a New York Times bestseller. He first won acclaim as the artist for the action-comedy paranoid conspiracy thriller Chew, written by John Layman, which ran from 2009 to 2016, and he is drawing rave reviews for his most recent and personal project, Farmhand, from Image Comics. A gripping and moving science fiction tale about family, region, and the consequences of technological change, Farmhand was recently optioned for television by AMC.

4:30pm Room 3 – FX Makeup and Cosplay with NoirFX

Take your cosplay to the next level with NoirFX and learn through a live panel teaching you how to bring your character to life through blood effects, dirt, glamour, and more!”

5pm Main Stage – The New Day

Breakfast food enthusiasts and professional wrestlers, The New Day, have taken sports entertainment by storm. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are here at the Big Easy Comic Con to answer all your questions!

5pm Room 2 – Superhero Studies

The idea that you can study or write about superheroes for college credit would have seemed almost unthinkable a generation ago.  But as our sense of the audience for superhero stories has changed, our sense of the cultural work that superheroes can do has also changed.  What can the tools of scholarship teach us about our favorite costumed crime-fighters? Join Professor Ben Saunders (University of Oregon) and Professor Brannon Costello (LSU) for an introduction to “Superhero Studies.”

5pm Room 4 – Fantastic 1994: A Conversation With Oley Sassone

In 1994 director Oley Sassone made the greatest comic book movie never released: The Fantastic Four. Now with buzz for a new Fantastic Four film in development, Mr. Sassone discusses the making of this legendary movie and how a film that nobody in Marvel wanted released ended up with a passionate fan base 25 years later.

5:30pm Room 3 – Heels and Hair: Drag 101

Your one stop spot to learn about the art of drag. Come and ask questions to our panelist about what drag is, how to start drag, makeup, heels, wigs, and performing.

10:30am Room 3 – Just Wigging It – A Basic Guide to Styling Wigs

Many people lack the courage to face their brand new cosplay wigs, fearing the outcome of a job styling job. But sometimes, winging it is how it all works! Join Naturesass to hear her tips and tricks for becoming more comfortable with cutting, spiking, and styling wigs!

11am Main Stage – Steven Universe with Grace Rolek

Steven Universe has been a hit show with loads of heart. Come join Grace Rolek (Connie), as she discusses what makes this show so great, and answers all your questions!

11am Room 2 – James Bond-Licence to Adapt

A couple of decades ago, James Bond was starting to look like a relic — a hyper-masculine Cold War warrior whose place in 21st century pop culture seemed uncertain.  But Bond has successfully outlived the cultural milieu that spawned him, not merely in the series of movies starring Daniel Craig, but in a new series of comic book adventures from Dynamite.  Join Jeff Parker (The Hulk, X-Men: First Class) for a conversation with Professor Ben Saunders about how the Bond concept remains compelling for audiences today—and his work on the recent James Bond: Origin book for Dynamite.

11am Room 4 – Canon – Unbreakable or Disposable?

Join and company as we take on the “Great Fan Debate” of recent years. Is keeping canon vital to the long term success of a film/TV franchise, or is breaking canon every once in a while needed to “spice” things up? We’ll take a look at how the largest franchises (Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, DC, Doctor Who, etc.) have handled canon and discuss with the audience about how important canon is to them.

11:30am Room 3 – Vampire City: New Orleans

Whether you believe in them as immortal creatures of the night, or simply as a sub-culture, vampires exist, and many call New Orleans home. Join TV host and Paranormal journalist Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Syfy, TLC,; Ghost Tour Guide, and New Orleans Vampire Lord Chaz; and more for an informative panel that explores the macabre, the factual, and the fun of these blood sucking, bone-tingling characters of NOLA lore.

12pm Room 2 – The King of Comics: An All-Star Tribute to Jack Kirby

Although known as the co-creator of Captain America, The Avengers, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and so many others, Jack Kirby worked in every genre, from romance to western to funny animal, over the course of his long career.  We’ve gathered some top comics talent to tell us about their personal favorite stories by the King of Comics. (And we’ve even made a slide show so we can take you through them panel by panel!) Join Amy Chu (Poison Ivy), Mat Johnson (Incognegro), Steve Lieber (Superior Foes of Spider-Man) and Jeff Parker (X-Men: First Class) for the ultimate Kirby tribute, moderated by Professor Ben Saunders.

12pm Room 4 – All Might VS Ironman

An interactive comparison of the influence that Anime and Hollywood have on each other.

12:15pm Main Stage – SHAZAM!

Fresh off the success of the DCEU film, Shazam!, Zachary Levi is here to save your day. The Chuck and Thor star will be answering all your questions in this electrifying panel!

12:30pm Room 3 – The Story and Science of Gravitational Waves

In 2015 our quest to study and explore the universe took a giant leap forward with the discovery of gravitational waves. The LIGO Scientific Collaboration has detected ripples in spacetime from the collision of black holes as well as a neutron star merger that showed up in every spectrum possible. Dr Erin Macdonald (a former member of LIGO) will discuss the history behind the detection, share some fun stories, and what these discoveries mean for astrophysics going forward.

1pm Room 2 – Batman 66 Forever

Some fans hated the 1966 Batman TV show, seeing it as a mockery of their moody hero.  But others loved it’s clever humor, 1960s design sense, and queer subtexts. With Batman 66, writer Jeff Parker and a bevy of talented artists decided to serve that audience with one of the most delightful Bat-books DC ever published.  Join writer Jeff Parker and artist Sandy Jarell for a discussion (with UO Professor and comics scholar Ben Saunders) about the comics that inspired the show, and the show that inspired the comics!  


…but ever wonder what happens behind the scenes AFTER that call is made?  Louisiana Ghostbusters is a Fan Group consisting of volunteers who put their love of Ghostbusters and their skills at making movie accurate costumes and props to work for their community.  Like other Ghostbusters franchises around the world, we participate in children’s events and charitable functions volunteering all over our home state with the goal of “Saving the day one charity at a time.”  In this panel you’ll learn everything from how to make a Proton Pack, to converting vehicles into Ectomobiles, and how to effectively earn funds and support for your favorite charity, including how to become a member of Louisiana Ghostbusters.

1:30pm Main Stage – The Many Voices of Phil LaMarr

You’ve seen him on Mad TV, and you’ve heard his voice in Justice League, Static Shock, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and so much more. Now hear him answer your questions at the Big Easy Comic Con!

1:30pm Room 4 – Wait, Roller Derby is An Actual Sport AND It’s in NOLA?!

New Orleans Brass Roller Derby will be introducing the largest growing sport in the world as we talk about how the sport is played and a brief history of roller derby, and where it can be found locally. We will then take a look at the connections between geek/nerd culture and roller derby as a whole looking at TV shows, comics, and movies showcasing the sport ranging anywhere from Whip It, to My Little Pony to the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 movie.

2pm Room 2 – DC Adventures in Middle Grade: Spotlight on Michael Northrop and Kirk Scroggs

It’s DC Sunday Fun Day at Big Easy!  Join acclaimed authors Michael Northrop (TombQuest) and Kirk Scroggs (Snoop Troop) as they delve into their first DC projects: Dear Justice League and The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid. Hear first-hand how these all-star authors put their unique spin on iconic DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and completely transformed them for middle grade readers! Be part of the fun as there will be live sketching as well!

2pm Room 4 – Celebrating 20 years of Star Wars Episode I

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed since we lined up to see The Phantom Menace. Please join the members of Red Stick Rebellion as we take a look back into the past. We will cover everything from the behind the scenes on the movie to everything we were collected in 1999.

2:30pm Room 3 – Cosplay Beyond Fabric

Cosplay isn’t just fabric, thread, and interfacing… Sometimes you need weapons, armor, and other items that require the use of other materials. You wouldn’t want to make a gun out of spandex would you? In this panel, learn more about working with alternative materials such as thermo plastics, Apoxie Sculpt, various types of foam, painting and finishing techniques, and much more!

2:45pm Main Stage – Come With Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn If You Want To Live!

You know him from Terminator, Aliens, and Tombstone. You know her from Party of Five, Dark Angel, and so much more. This husband and wife acting/producing team are here to talk about their decades long careers, and what it takes to build a production company from the ground up.


The Louisiana Ghostbusters have a mess to clean up!  A carload of full ghost traps has mysteriously exploded and released spirits all over the New Orleans area!  The team’s leader is still in the hospital after taking an electrical jolt forcing the old guard to return to fill his shoes.  To make matters worse, two of the team’s best busters are at each others’ throats! What mysterious force is trying to tear this team of Bayou Busters apart?  Find out in this locally-produced and action-packed fan film which was three years in the making. It is the fourth installment of a web series we have been producing in a non-profit nature of increasingly complex and better quality films since 2013.  

3pm Room 4 – The Truth of Voodoo (and Hoodoo)

Voodoo isn’t what you think. The spiritual practice is a rich part of New Orleans tradition, but a sadly misunderstood one. In this informative talk we will explore the religion that emerged from the African diaspora, and made a home in the Crescent City. Join paranormal researcher/TV host Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Syfy, Discovery); Psychic medium/Guide/Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary; Ghost Tour Guide, and New Orleans Vampire Lord Chaz to talk about the real history of Voodoo, and debunk negative stereotypes.

3:30pm Room 3 – Bustles and Boning: Corsetry 101

Come and learn about the ins and outs of corsetry. From the history of Victorian corsetry to the modern art form. You will learn about corset safety as well and about different corset types.